Online Loyalty Made Easy

Enhance your existing Aloha Loyalty program

Bonusbox enhances your existing Aloha Loyalty program and is an alternative to Memberlink. Your targeted rewards, incentive programs, and gift card balances will be accessible online.

New Memberships

Allow members to join your existing rewards program online. Joins can be virtual or we can ship loyalty cards directly to guests from our fulfillment center.

Better Data

On average in-house loyalty programs are missing email addresses for around 35% of members. Bonusbox allows existing members to link their card and create an account providing more complete data for marketing purposes.

Redemption Center

Allow loyalty members to bank points and then redeem those points for real-time rewards tied to your loyalty program. Redemption tiers can include dynamic comp, rewards and more.

Sign Up for a Demo

Provide us with a few details and we will setup a demo of Bonusbox.