Online Loyalty Made Easy

Bring your loyalty Program Online

Bonusbox brings your Loyalty program online. Your targeted rewards, incentive programs, and gift card balances will be accessible from your own website and Facebook pages. Bonusbox is an affordable enhancement to your current loyalty program or a great reason to start one.

  • Connect

    Embed an application on your site that connects directly to your loyalty program.

    Effortless Integration

    Connecting Bonusbox to your program is smooth and painless. Typically you will be up and running in a few days.

    Styling Customization

    The Bonusbox applet can be styled to blend with your web site theme.

    Point of Sale Integration

    We provide seamless real-time integration to your existing point of sale systems. We support NCR Aloha & Digital Dining.

    Facebook Application

    Allow users to check their card status directly from your page on Facebook.

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  • Empower

    Empower your customers with an easy-to-use interface and a large available list of program optional features.

    User Registration

    Users can register their card or card(s) for easy return-access. Cards are linked to an email address and the user quickly creates an account & password for their return visits.

    Intuitive Interface

    The interface is easy to navigate and allow your users to find what they are looking for quickly. We are frequently adding features to the portal interface to provide the best user-experience.

    Card Lookups

    Users can check balances on stored value (Gift Cards & eGifts) and Loyalty Cards. On Loyalty, they will see money balances and all their standings in your active reward levels and programs.

    Forgotten Card

    If a customer forgets to bring their card to your establishment, they can still receive points by later using the portal to enter the claim code located on their receipt.

    Direct Join

    Users can easily join your restaurant loyalty program and receive a physical card or a virtual card.

    Profile Management

    Users can log in and change their loyalty profile information including phone number, address and user-defined fields. They can also view transaction history.

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  • Extend

    Extend your program with powerful features including card reloads and redemption center.

    Purchasable Cards

    Sell single-purchase or recurring charge loyalty cards directly from your site. Once purchased, card value can be automaticaly applied to the account/card since feature is integrated into your POS Hosted services system.

    Redemption Center & Notify

    Allow and move users to the web to redeem loyalty point rewards that match your loyalty system. Email alerts notify both the merchants & users when points are redeemed. Allows for setting up a banked point level program.

    Mobile version

    Direct users to a mobile friendly version of Bonusbox designed for Android and iOS. This allows for very fast and easy access to track their account activity. Also allows for easy direct joining of your VIP club.


    Enable users to reload their depleted stored value cards. Market as value proposition by adding addition value for reloading card today (ie; 15% added free by reloading on-line).

    Loyalty Kiosk

    Easily add & manage loyalty members in-store. Notification emails will be sent out to the user informing them that they have joined the program.

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  • Grow

    Grow your loyalty program by allowing users to quickly and easily join your VIP program directly from your website and receive either a physical or virtual card.

    Save Valuable Time

    Greatly minimize administrative burden by empowering your customers to register online and freedom to manage their own profiles.

    Loyalty Preloading

    When joining the program from your site, the new users will have the opportunity to preload value to their card with preset values, along with the ability to specify reload bonuses like 10% addons.

    Stored Value Sales

    Use preset values or allow the users to choose the value of their cards.

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Call 1-800-261-1218 to learn more about Bonusbox.

  • Pricing Information

    Bonusbox is designed to be a cost-efficient way to bring your loyalty program online and adding further value to your program for your customers. For a full rundown on pricing please contact our sales team and we will write up a proposal customized to your needs.

    Bonusbox Base Services

    The base features of Bonusbox for enterprises with 5 locations or less starts at $60 / month + 1-time portal setup fee. Larger enterprises and/or adding other optional features adjust upwards from there.

    Add-On Modules

    Additional features such as direct join, redemption center, ACH fee clubs, reload values on cards, forgotten cards reward capture, mobile friendly versions, notify reward level emails, and virtual card interface are considered add-on features and can be added on to a Bonusbox service plan as needed.

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